Test certification Scrum n°4 (7) : 10 questions

octobre 26, 2015

Test (10 questions)

1.      Which one of the following is not a Scrum role?

A.     Product Owner

B.     ScrumMaster

C.     Product Manager

D.     Team

2.      Which one of the following is not a Scrum Artifact?

A.     Product Backlog

B.     Story

C.     Sprint Backlog

D.     Increment of Potentially Shippable Product Functionality

3.      Which of the following meeting is not part of Scrum?

A.     Product review meeting

B.     Sprint review meeting

C.     Sprint planning meeting

D.     Sprint retrospective meeting

4.      What is the duration of a sprint in Scrum?

A.     4 weeks

B.     28-30 days

C.     Anything between 2 – 4 weeks

D.     30 days

5.      Which of the following questions is not relevant for regular Scrum Meeting?

A.     What have you done since the last Daily Scrum regarding this project?

B.     What will you do between now and the next Daily Scrum meeting regarding this project?

C.     Would you be able to finish your work on time?

D.     What impedes you from performing your work as effectively as possible?

6.      Which one of the following is a popular certification associated with Scrum?

A.     Scrum Certified

B.     Certified Scrum Trainer

C.     Certified ScrumManager

D.     Certified ScrumMaster

7.      What is a Burndown Graph?

A.     A Sprint plan which is burned to celebrate successful completion of Sprint

B.     The trend of work remaining across time in a Sprint, a release, or a product

C.     The trend of work accomplished across time in a Sprint, a release, or a product

D.     A Graph to measure human Burnout effect due to fast pace of sprint

8.      Name the meeting during which the Team demonstrates to the Product Owner and any other interested parties what it was able to accomplish during the Sprint.

A.     Sprint retrospective meeting

B.     Product review meeting

C.     Sprint review meeting

D.     Stakeholder Review Meeting

9.      Which one of the following is not a valid Scrum rule?

A.     If the Team feels itself unable to complete all of the committed Product Backlog during the Sprint, it can consult with the Product Owner on which items to remove from the current Sprint.

B.     The Team can seek outside advice, help, information, and support during the Sprint.

C.     No one can provide advice, instructions, commentary, or direction to the Team during the Sprint. The Team is utterly self-managing.

D.     If the Team determines that it can address more Product Backlog during the Sprint than it selected during the Sprint planning meeting, it can select and add new items from the product backlog.

10.      Scrum is a very lean process with only 4 roles.

A.     True
B.     False

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