SAFe : The Scaled Agile Framework for the Lean-Agile Enterprise

SAFe : The Scaled Agile Framework for the Lean-Agile Enterprise

The Scaled Agile Framework (abbreviated as SAFe), is a set of organization and workflow patterns intended to guide enterprises in scaling lean and agile practice

Along with large-scale Scrum (LeSS), disciplined agile delivery (DAD), and Nexus, SAFe is one of a growing number of frameworks that seek to address the problems encountered when scaling beyond a single team.

SAFe is made freely available by Scaled Agile, Inc., which retains the copyrights and registered trademarks.

SAFe promotes alignment, collaboration, and delivery across large numbers of agile teams.

It was developed by and for practitioners, by leveraging three primary bodies of knowledge: agile software development, lean product development, and systems thinking.

Systems thinking

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