Test certification Scrum n°5 (9) : 10 questions

octobre 26, 2015

New Test (10 questions)

1.  The most encouraged time of day to hold a Scrum status meeting is:
A- 9AM
B- 11:30AM
C- Immediately after lunch
D- 4:30PM

2.  Scrum is a project management method for agile software development.
A- True
B- False

3.  The approach was first described by Takeuchi and Nonaka in « The New New Product Development Game. »
A- True
B- False

4.  How frequent are Scrum project status meetings recommended to be held?
A- daily
B- weekly
C- twice a day (morning and afternoon)
D- twice per week (Mondays and Thursdays)

5.  The product backlog is maintained by:
A- The Scrum Master
B- The Product Owner
C- Consulting Experts
D- The Scrum Team

6.  The person or persons in charge of the tracking and the updates for the scrum (equivalent to a project manager) is called the:
A- Product Owner
B- Scrum Master
C- Solo Scrum
D- Consulting Expert

7.  One of the goals of Scrum is to create a work environment where people are so focused on their tasks that they don’t mind working extra hours.
A- True
B- False

8.  A key principle of Scrum is its recognition that during a project, _____% of requirements change.
A- 10
B- 20-30
C- 30-50
D- 60-65

9.  The first description of the Scrum process noted that projects using large, highly structured teams produced the best results.
A- True
B- False

10.  In Scrum, the prioritized work to be done is referred to as:
A- standup meetings
B- sprint retrospective
C- sprint planning
D- product backlog

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