Test certification Scrum n°9 (18) : 35 questions

octobre 26, 2015

CSM – Scrum Practice Test (35 questions)

1) Who ultimately decides when the team has enough work for the sprint in planning?
A- The ScrumMaster
B- The product owner
C- The team
D- The product owner, ScrumMaster and team vote to determine when the sprint backlog is full


2) What are the advantages of the Scrum Framework?
A- Fine-grained requirements are only defined when they are really needed.
B- All activities to design, build and test a certain functionality are kept together in one phase.
C- Changes are expected and welcomed by Scrum team.
D- All of the given answers
E- None of the given answers


3) Who should define the business value of a Feature within the Scrum Project?
A- The individual end-users
B- The Product Owner
C- The Business Analyst
D- The Business Sponsor


4) Why is it important to trust the team?
A- High trust teams do not have to be accountable to each other
B- High trust teams do not require a user representative
C- The Project Manager does not then have to keep a project schedule
D- The presence of trust is positively correlated with the team performance


5) Which of the following is NOT a typical artifact of the Scrum framework?
A- Product Backlog
B- Sprint Backlog
C- Burn down chart
D- Gantt chart


6) Which of the following best describes the approach for determining the Sprint length?
A- Sprint should always be 30 days
B- The team determines Sprint length by dividing the total number of story points by the average velocity of the team
C- Sprint should always be two weeks
D- The team should agree on the length of the Sprint, taking the size and complexity of the project into consideration


7) What is the Maximum time recommended by the Scrum framework that the team spends in the daily scrum (daily standup)?
A- Fifteen minutes
B- Thirty minutes
C- One hour
D- Four hours
E- As long as it takes


8) How the product backlog should be ordered?
A- Chronological
B- Alphabetical
C- Random
D- Priority


9) Which of the following best represents the Agile way in planning?
A- Planning is not part of an Agile approach, because Agile is exploratory
B- Planning should be done in detail at the outset of a project and not revisited
C- Planning should involve the whole team, not just the ScrumMaster
D- Planning should all be done by the Product Owner


10) Which concept of the following is NOT defined in the Scrum Framework?
A- ScrumMaster
B- Project Manager
C- Scrum Product Owner
D- Daily Scrum
E- Scrum Product Burndown


11) What are the two main artifacts of a sprint planning meeting?
A- A sprint goal and a sprint backlog
B- A requirements documents and a Gantt chart
C- A requirements documents and a test plan
D- A test plan and a Gantt chart


12) In Scrum framework, what do we call the detailed pieces of work needed to convert a product backlog item into working software?
A- Stories
B- Tasks
C- Scrum bits
D- Use cases


13) Where are the customer requirements stored?
A- In the Product Backlog
B- In the Sprint Backlog
C- In a database
D- In a Scrum Product Requirement Specification
E- Nowhere. The Scrum Product Owner knows them


14) If a Sprint plan needs to be reprioritized in a hurry, who should re-prioritize?
A- The developers alone (they know what the customer wants)
B- The Product Owner (the developers would only choose the easy things as top priority)
C- The Project Leader (they can give an independent, pragmatic view)
D- The whole team including Product Owner and developers (together they can consider both business value and practicality)


15) What does NOT belong to the agile manifesto’s main pillars?
A- Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
B- Working software over comprehensive documentation
C- Processes over people
D- Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
E- Responding to change over following a plan


16) When handling team dynamics, what should the ScrumMaster do?
A- Empower the team members, within appropriate limits
B- Encourage an environment of competition and personal advantage
C- Give clear directives to the team about what they should do and how
D- Expect team members to be proactive and each work to their own priorities and objectives


17) What is mainly defined by the Scrum Framework?
A) Rules & Roles
B) Document guidelines
C) Artifacts and events
A- A
B- B
C- C
D- A, B, C
E- A, C


18) What is the effect of having a large visible Story board on a wall?
A- It removes the need to create any other reports for management
B- It continuously communicates progress within the team and to other stakeholders
C- It allows the Project Manager to allocate tasks to specific team members
D- It is restrictive, as it does not allow the team to innovate and change


19) Which of the following is a characteristic of a ScrumMaster?
A- Task focused
B- Process oriented
C- Supportive
D- Disengaged

20) Which one of the following is a key feature that you would expect to find in an Agile project?
A- System documentation created at the end of each increment, at the start of the deployment
B- User Stories held in a spreadsheet or specialist database, where full details of user conversations are recorded for future purposes, like handover to maintenance or support
C- User Story cards containing only enough detail for planning and development, which will need to be supplemented by further face-to-face conversations
D- No written documentation, as all good communication is face-to-face


21) An effective workshop facilitator will always …
A- Involve the whole project team in all project workshops
B- Agree the process and participants of the workshop with the workshop owner before the workshop
C- Involve only those team members who will commit to doing further work after theworkshop
D- Act as a proxy for any invited participant who is unable to attend the workshop on the day


22) Who is responsible for prioritizing the product backlog?
A- Product Owner
B- Project Manager
C- Lead Developer
D- Business Analyst


23) What are the advantages of maintaining consistent Sprint length throughout the project?
A- It helps to establish a consistent pattern of delivery
B- It helps the team to objectively measure progress
C- It provide a consistent means of measuring team velocity
D- All of the above


24) Which of the following are roles in the Scrum framework? (Select 3 correct answers)
A- ScrumMaster
B- Product Owner
C- Project Owner
D- Team lead
E- Team


25) Which of the following responsibilities is NOT one of the Scrum Master’s
A- Removing impediments
B- Facilitating meetings
C- Reminding the team of the process
D- Assigning tasks to team members
E- Pushing back against products owner request when needed


26) What should the developers do if the product owner is repeatedly too busy to be available?
A- Continue the work, record the assumptions and ask the customer later for input.
B- Send the customer a written warning that the end product will be completed on time, but may not meet their needs
C- Allow the Business Analyst to take on the role of Proxy Customer Representative
D- Draw the problem to the attention of the ScrumMaster


27) Which one of the following is NOT traditionally an activity of the Scrum framework?
A- Sprint planning
B- Sprint review
C- Sprint retrospective
D- Daily scrum
E- Weekly inspection


28) What is most important in all Scrum projects?
A) Self-organization
B) Clear hierarchies in the company
C) Communication
D) Continuous improvement
A- A, B, C, D
B- A, C, D
C- A, D
D- A
E- A, B


29) Which one of the following statements is correct regarding acceptance of any deliverables on a Scrum Project?
A- The team should allow only senior managers to sign off deliverables.
B- The team should get acceptance of project deliverables from the appropriate stakeholders at least at the end of every Sprint.
C- The team should  get acceptance of project deliverables from the users during a UAT phase at the end of the project.
D- Acceptance of any particular deliverable on the project is gained from all stakeholders at the same time.


30) What are the disadvantages of the classical waterfall model? (Select the best alternative)
A) End-Product has to be fully anticipated beforehand.
B) Some requirements are implemented as defined in the beginning of the project, and yet they are not really needed by the customer.
C) Each phase is strictly separated.
A- A
B- B
C- C,B
D- A, B
E- A, B, C


31) Tracking project impediments in a Scrum project is whoes primary responsibility?
A- Tester
B- ScrumMaster
C- Functional Manager
D- Developer


32) What kind of software development projects can be executed by Scrum Framework?
A- Complete software packages
B- Customer projects
C- All kinds of software development projects
D- Sub-systems, components or parts of bigger systems
E- None of the above


33) Which of the following main events are defined by Scrum Framework?
A) Sprint Planning Meeting
B) Sprint Retrospective Meeting
C) Sprint Review Meeting
D) Mid-Sprint Status Review Meeting
E) Daily Scrum Meeting
A- A, B, C, D, E
B- A, B, C, D
C- A, B, C, E
D- A, C, D, E
E- A, C, E


34) Which statement of the following is a best description for sprint?
A- A sprint is a condensed amount of time where a development works as many hours as they need to in order to finish the work assigned to them.
B- A sprint is a pre-specified amount of time in which the development team works at sustain pace to complete a chosen set of work.
C- A sprint is a fixed amount of time set aside for team to run tests and fix any outstanding bugs right before the products ships.
D- A sprint is a pre-specified period of time during which team members choose individual items from the product backlog to work on. As each item is completed. A new item is brought into the sprint.


35) How should work be allocated to the team in an Agile project?
A- The Team Leader (ScrumMaster) should allocate specific tasks to individuals
B- Tasks should be randomly allocated to team members, using Planning Poker
C- Team members should self-select tasks appropriate to their skills
D- The most complex tasks should be allocated by the Team Leader (ScrumMaster)


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