Test certification Scrum n°10 (20) : 35 questions

octobre 27, 2015

CSM -Scrum Practice Test (35 questions)

1) A Scrum approach advocates which of the following approaches?
A- Get something simple released as quickly as possible
B- Get something business-valuable delivered as quickly as possible, consistent with the right level of quality
C- Get something delivered once it has been fully documented and the documentation has been signed off as complete
D- Get something « quick and dirty » delivered, to save time


2) What is the personal risk that a Scrum Master takes in empowering the team?
A- The Scrum Master might lose his job, as the team is doing all the work
B- If the team fails, the Scrum Master will not get a performance bonus
C- The Scrum Master cannot share the glory of team success
D- The Scrum Master has less direct control over the team’s work, but still has the responsibility for their outcomes


3) Agile methodologies think all documentation is a waste of time.
A- True
B- False


4) In Scrum projects, we plan to « learn as we go » because…
A- It creates a better relationship between the developers and customer representatives
B- Many projects are evolutionary, and a better solution emerges this way
C- It is time-consuming to analyze everything at the beginning of a project
D- It prevents late delivery of the project


5) The recommended approach to design in a Scrum project is:
A- No design up front
B- Big design up front
C- Just enough design up front
D- Use a previous design


6) A Scrum Team ……..
A- Is self-organizing, with each member having the same technical skills
B- Collaborates and supports its team members
C- Ensures that weak members of the team are allocated the simpler tasks
D- Ensures blame is allocated fairly


7) Which activities of the following are found in the Scrum framework? (Select any 4 that apply)
A- daily scrum or daily standup
B- weekly scrum or weekly standup
C- sprint planning
D- sprint review
E- sprint  retrospective


8) A Scrum Framework ……..
A- Encourages the team to meet regularly
B- Has no meetings
C- Has lengthy reporting requirements
D- Has no reporting requirements


9) During a sprint the developers should be:
A- In twice-daily contact with the product owner
B- Completely be uninterrupted by the product owner
C- Able to contact the product owner to clarify aspects of the work
D- Able to work without needing to disturb the product owner


10) Why according to the Scrum framework it is difficult for product owners to make changes to a sprint that is underway?
A- Because the team needs to be able to limit the authority of the product owner
B- Because asking the team to make a real commitment comes with an associated cost of not  shifting the basis of that commitments in mid-sprint
C- Because the team and product owner want to keep upper management in the dark about planned changes
D- Because it provides an incentive for the product owner to attend the meetings


11) A major theme in Scrum is « inspect and adapt. » What does it mean?
A- Scrum insists on auditors who frequently inspect the work of the team and suggest ways to adapt the process in order to improve quality.
B- Scrum recommends that upper management inspect the Burndown charts and notes from the daily scrums to find ways in which the team should adapt their practices to be more productive.
C- Scrum emphasizes taking a short step of development, inspecting both the resulting product and the efficacy of current practices, and then adapting the product goals and process practices.
D- Inspect and adapt refers to the ScrumMasters role in inspecting the work and writing stories designed to help the team produce higher quality software.


12) As per Scrum, Which one of the following is an important feature of the daily stand-up (daily Scrum) meeting?
A- Everyone is expected to stand for the whole time, to keep the meeting short
B- The meeting must be kept short and well structured
C- The meeting should ensure that it is clear to all which team members are not performing
D- No-one is allowed to leave the stand-up meeting until all problems raised have been solved


13) The Scrum approach to documentation is:
A- Do no documentation because it is a waste of time
B- Do the necessary documentation to support the development and use of the product
C- Do sufficient documentation to prove you have done a good job
D- Do more documentation than usual, because Agile is risky


14) What is meant by Team Velocity in Scrum projects?
A- Teams works less when it rains
B- Keeping metrics of earlier work load to help with future estimates required to get the whole project done
C- Retrospectives should include less important topics, such as the weather, as ice-breakers
D- Estimating team efforts for completing the project


15) What is the primary purpose of the sprint review?
A- To review the completed stories and look for opportunities to improve the product.
B- To demo the system for upper management.
C- To prove that the team worked hard during the sprint.
D- To find out who failed to complete his or her tasks.


16) A Scrum Master ……..
A- Should allocate tasks to the team members each day at the stand-up meeting
B- Should involve the team in their own work-allocation
C- Should give detailed work-plans to the team each day
D- Should direct the work of the team, if they are inexperienced


17) Which artifacts of the following are associated with Scrum? (Select any 3 that apply)
A- Product backlog
B- Sprint backlog
C- Product specification
D- Effort chart
E- Burndown chart


18) A Product Owner ……..
A- Must have a thorough understanding of Agile techniques, for Agile to work
B- Will always receive lower-quality products than their non-Agile counterparts
C- Will typically get business value delivered early and often
D- Will need to understand the technical aspects of development, to contribute effectively


19) One of the development stages you would expect to see a team go through is:
A- Storming
B- Warming
C- Cloning
D- Yawning


20) The product owner role in an Agile project ……..
A- Has no control over the prioritization of delivered features
B- Has total control over the prioritization of features
C- Collaborates with the developers over prioritization of features, but the developers have the final decision
D- Collaborates with the developers over prioritization of features, but the business has the final decision


21) The end result of a Sprint is:
A- A product of almost as good a quality as a Waterfall development
B- A product of a professional quality which fits the business need
C- A product which is barely sufficient for its purpose and deliberately not maintainable
D- A technically-perfect, re-factored solution


22) How a team knows when a backlog item is done?
A- The ScrumMaster says it is done.
B- The sprint is over.
C- The testers says it is done.
D- It meets the teams and product owners negotiated definition of done.


23) Which of the following is NOT a role in the Scrum framework?
A- Team
B- Scrum master
C- Product owner
D- Project manager


24) The prioritization technique called « MoSCoW » is a popular prioritization technique, where the « M » stands for …
A- May have
B- Major
C- Must Have
D- Mandatory


25) Which one of the following statements about meetings is true for Scrum projects?
A- All project stakeholders should attend requirements meetings
B- Retrospectives are only run at the end of a project
C- An independent facilitator will manage the structure of a facilitated meetings but not input to the content
D- It is best if the Scrum Master facilitates the project’s meetings


26) As per Scrum, Who should attend the stand-up meetings?
A- Sponsor and Executive Management only
B- Project Manager and Technical Leads only
C- Project Leader and Customer Representatives only
D- The entire team


27) Which one of the following statements is correct regarding quality of deliverables from a Scrum Project?
A- The products produced by a scrum project should be cheaper than those produced by any other approach, but quality will suffer
B- The products will be more expensive than by any other approach but will be top quality
C- The products will be fit for purpose, but may not do what the customer wanted
D- The products will be of appropriate quality, as the guidanceof the product owneris involved throughout the development process


28) Which of these best describes the Scrum approach to team-working?
A- The team should plan to work a small amount of overtime regularly throughout the project
B- The team should expect to work longer hours towards the end of the sprint, in order to deliver all that was committed to
C- The team should strive for a sustainable pace and a normal working week
D- The team will « burn out » if they have to work overtime for more than two sprints in a row


29) What is the Scrum approach to doing design early in a project?
A- A big design up front is always a good idea
B- Just enough design up front gives a good foundation to start from and helps to mitigate risk, without wasting unnecessarily time
C- No design up front is the best approach as most of the fun of a project is in discovery of the unexpected
D- Design has no place in an Agile project


30) Which of the following is NOT a product owner’s responsibility?
A- Prioritizing the product backlog
B- Keeping the product backlog up to date
C- Inspecting work at sprint review
D- Working with stakeholders to determine product features
E- Assigning tasks to team members during the sprint


31) What is meant by Kan Ban?
A- A list of activities banned by the team, in relation to Team Norms
B- The set of Can Have stories for a project
C- A visible chart of work to do, work in progress and work done
D- A graph of tasks partially-completed by the team


32) Which of the following choices is a key reason to adopt an agile process like Scrum?
A- To be up to date on the latest process
B- To shake things up in the organization
C- To hold programmers and tests accountable for their work
D- To be better able to respond to change


33) The primary purpose of the daily scrum (daily stand-up) is:
A- To give a status report to the ScrumMaster
B- To give a status report to the product owner
C- To share as a team what each member is working on and uncover obstacles standing in the way of completing the work
D- To give team members a chance to take a break from their tasks


34) Which of the following is a best descriptionfor the Scrum meaning of time box?
A- There is a recommended amount of time for the event.
B- There is a predefined time limit for the event.
C- The event must take place by certain date.
D- There is not enough time to complete the event
E- The time allocated for the event must be extended.


35) When estimating is done for a project, the team should:
A- Be fully involved in the estimating process
B- Be in total control of the estimating process
C- Not make estimates unless velocity is already known
D- Be consulted after the Scrum Master has made the estimates for the team’s work


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