Test certification Scrum n°12 (24) : 15 questions

octobre 27, 2015

Test scrum (15 questions)

1) Is not a Product Owner responsibility:
A- Running the daily scrum meeting
B- Gathering requirements for Product Backlog items
C- Working with stakeholders to determine and detail product features
D- Inspecting work at Sprint Review


2) If More than one Scrum Team are working on a single project or a single release. How should the Product Backlog be arranged by the Product owner?
A- A separate Product Backlog is constructed for each Scrum Team. All of the increments are integrated at the end in an integration Sprint.
B- All Scrum Teams work from a common Product Backlog and integrate their work every sprint.
C- Only one Scrum Team should work on Scrum project.
D- Scrum Teams should have their separate Product Backlogs.


3) The Product Backlog management include
1. Clearly expressing the different Product Backlog items
2.Authoring the various Product Backlog items
3. Ordering Product Backlog items by size and risk Only
A- 1 and 3 only
B- 2 only
C- 1 and 2 only
D- 1, 2, and 3
E- 1 only


4) Ali « as the Scrum Master of a Scrum Team » is invited for a Daily Stand-up meeting at 9am. During the meeting the whole team gets into a deep discussion and they finally start blaming each other.
What should he do in such situation?
A) Wait until people calm down again and continue with the meeting.
B) Stop the discussions and continue with the meeting.
C) Interrupt the meeting and continue it later that day.
D) Discuss the situation with the team and decide together what to do to improve the situation.
A- A
B- B
C- C
D- C, D
E- B, D


5) The Sprint Planning Meeting consists of __ session(s).
A- One
B- Two
C- Three
D- Four


6) The Sprint Backlog is ultimately owned by:
A- The Product Owner
B- The Scrum Master
C- The Stakeholders
D- The Scrum Team


7) During a Scrum of Scrums approach for a project, what best defines the definition of « done »?
A- Each Team defines and uses its own.
B- Each Team uses its own but must make it clear to all other Teams.
C- All teams must use the same definition.
D- It depends.


8) What is the Time-box for a Sprint Review meeting if the Sprint was 2-weeks long?
A- 15 minutes
B- However long is needed
C- 4 hours
D- 2 hours at the end of every sprint


9) Which one is not a Scrum role?
A- Product Owner
B- Scrum Master
C- Product Manager
D- Team


10) ___ constitute the Sprint Backlog and are normally estimated in hours.
A- Stories
B- Use Cases
C- Features
D- Tasks


11) What best describes ‘time-boxed’ activity?
A- There’s a target time limit for the activity.
B- There’s a maximum time limit for the activity.
C- The activity is planned to be delivered by a specified date.
D- The activity must start on a specified date.


12) The Release Burn down Is:
A- A graph indicating what has been completed by the Scrum Team.
B- What has been completed by the Scrum Team to date.
C- The work remaining to be completed by the Product Owner.
D- A measure of the remaining Product Backlog across the time of a release plan.


13) The used metric to estimate with Planning Poker is:
A- Numeric sizing (1 through 10)
B- T-shirt sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)
C- The Fibonacci sequence (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, etc.)
D- Person Hours
E- Person Months


14) Which of the following is a Scrum Value?
A- Openness
B- Fight
C- Strength
D- Quality


15) What are the most critical items to start a Scrum Project?
A. Scrum Team and Stakeholders
B. Scrum Team, Product Backlog, Scrum Master
C. Product Backlog, Scrum Team, Scrum Master, and Product Owner
D. Time, Scope, Budget, and Quality
A- A and D
B- C
C- A, B, and C
D- A and B


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