SAFe : Roles in the Lean-Agile Enterprise

février 22, 2019

SAFe : Roles in the Lean-Agile Enterprise

SAFe is a framework, a Scaled Agile Framework for the Lean-Agile Enterprise.

SAFe is safe !


You can see the Big picture of SAFe here :

SAFe Big Picture

The Lean-Agile Enterprise is organized around Value Delivery with new Roles in the Organization.

The Lean-Agile Enterprise creates Product(s) like Software (SW), Hardware (HW), and Firmware (FW).


How implementing SAFe with new Roles in the Lean-Agile Enterprise :

1- For Strategy  and Top Management Level, because only Management can change the System, roles are :

  • Lean-Agile Executive (s)
  • Lean-Agile Human Resource

2- For the Lean-Agile Portfolio Level, Portfolio SAFe adds Lean Portfolio Management.

Roles :

  • Epics Owner (s)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Management

3- For the Lean-Agile Solution Level, Large Solution SAFe coordinates ARTs with a Solution Train.

The Lean-Agile Enterprise applies Lean System Engeneering :

  • solution Trains coordinate Agile Release Trains (ARTs ) and Suppliers
  • capture fixed and variable Solution Intent
  • integrate and test the full solution on cadence
  • implement continuous compliance

Roles are :

  • Solution Management
  • Solution Architect / Engineer (Solution Arch/Eng)
  • Solution Train Engineer (STE)
  • and Shared Services

4- For the Lean-Agile Program Level, new roles are :

  • Business Owner (s) = Key Stakeholders on the Lean Agile Release Train (ART)
  • Product Management (owns, defines, prioritize the Program Backlog)
  • System Architect / Engineer (System Arch/Eng) provides : architectural guidance, technical enablement to the Teams on the Train
  • Release Train Engineer (RTE) = Chief Scrum Master for the Train

And the System Train provides process, tools and Technics to integrate and evaluate early and often.

5- For the Lean-Agile Team Level, roles are :

  • Product Owner (s) (PO, POs)
  • Dev Team (s)
  • Scrum Master (SM, SMs)

The Lean-Agile Team = PO + Dev Team + SM




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