PMI-ACP exam prep tips and tricks (3)

mai 24, 2015

Agile analysis and design

Agile modeling


Crystal development process

The Crystal development process is cyclical/iterative.

Its primary components are chartering, delivery cycles, and project wrap-up.


Chartering :

Chartering involves creating a project charter, which can last from a few days to a few weeks.

Chartering consists of four activities:

1) Building the core project team

2) Performing an Exploratory 360° assessment

3) Fine tuning the methodology

4) Building the initial project plan

Source : [Agile Software Development: The Cooperative Game – 2nd Edition. Alistair Cockburn.]


Extreme Programming (XP)

The best role for a customer in XP is to write well-defined user stories.

Source : [User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development. Mike Cohn.]

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