MoSCoW prioritization

avril 20, 2018

MoSCoW prioritization

MoSCoW stands for the following priority groups:

  • M (must have) – Features you must have in the final solution and it would be useless otherwise.
  • S (should have) – Features you should have in the final solution and you would get into problem otherwise. However, you can find a workaround for the problem (do it manually, use another solution in parallel, etc).
  • C (Could have) – Nice features. You won’t have any problems if you don’t have them in your final solution.
  • W (Won’t have this time) – Features that you’re not planning to deliver this time.
    Besides the use of MoSCoW prioritization for management of scope, as it’s done in some Agile methods, it can also be used for prioritization of acceptance criteria, as recommended in PRINCE2®.

What does MoSCoW stand for ?

« MoSCoW is a prioritization exercise techneque based upon putting features in the following categories:

Must Have.

Should Have this if it is possible to get.

Could Have this if it doesn’t impact anything else above.

Won’t have this time but would like to have in the future »

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