Agile technical debt and escaped defects

avril 22, 2018

Agile technical debt and escaped defects

Escaped Defects

Escaped Defects are those defects reported by the Customer from production that have escaped all software quality processes are represented in this metric.

Technical debt

Technical debt is the amount of Escaping defects at a time.

How proceed with Technical debt ?

Escaping defects should then be treated as ranked backlog work items, along with other project work items.

They should be prioritized high enough to resolve them within the next sprint or two and not accumulate a growing


Technical debt  and metrics :

Watch the defect backlog as part of the project metrics.

A growing defect backlog is a key indicator that the team is taking on more new work than it can handle.

To be able to calculate that metric, it is important that in your defect tracking system you track:

  • Affected version, version of software in which this defect was found.
  • Release date, date when version was released

The calculation process:

  • Find all versions that were already released
  • For each version, find all defects that affected the version
  • If defect creation date is after version release date then this defect is an escaped defect.
  • Now count all those escaped defects.

Monitor Escaped defects :

It should be possible to monitor Escaped Defects Found in following dimensions :

  • Affected version, to monitor metric value of any released version.
  • Project/Product. To aggregated Escaped Defects Found over all released versions of the project or product.


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